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High pressure treated pine railway sleepers, perfect for gardens or driveways.

Size: 2400mm x 195mm x 95mm

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Whether you’re landscaping your garden or building flowerbeds in your driveway, the ideal piece of timber for all your structural adjustment needs are railway sleepers. Designed with durability in mind, we have railway sleepers Buckinghamshire landscapers and design enthusiasts will love.

Looking for railway sleepers in Buckinghamshire?

These reclaimed 2.4M treated pine railway sleepers are perfect for hard-wearing use. They can be varnished or painted in whatever style you choose or left to wear on their own giving a more distressed look. One thing you will be able to rely on is that they will stand the test of time. Due to their high-pressure treatment, these railway sleepers will withstand any weather or stress and can handily be cut down to whatever size is required.

Pine is a flexible but hardy timber, and the perfect material for outdoor use. As well as being sturdy and safe, pine is a fashionable wood that can be treated to blend in with your decor. Each sleeper can be cut or sanded down to fit whatever requirement you might have for it, and can interlock with other railway sleepers to create your desired structure.

If you require solid, affordable railway sleepers in Buckinghamshire, then these are perfect for your needs. Find out more about our railway sleepers Buckinghamshire-wide by getting in touch.

Pine Railway Sleepers are ‘Green High Pressure Treated’ also referred too as ‘Tanalised’ to ensure a long, strong life in gardens, driveways and courtyards.

The chemical used for treatment is green initially, however, when dry, these will turn a golden natural colour.

Each sleeper weighs 20kg, and measures 2.4m x 195mm x 95mm.

Tanalised treated softwood to offer protection against damp and rot.